Interdisciplinary dance theatre, with Manuela Hoffmann,, 2002

Based on classical indian dance, we developped a „Puppet-dance-Projection-Theatre“, which is connecting eastern and western culture in a special way.
We are uniting visual and performing arts by using life-sized puppets, fixed on the dancers body, classical indian dance, filminstallation,and expressive dance to create a modern myth. The hinduistic gods kali and shiva, the main characters, are integrating also human traces and meet Berlin’s inhabitants in the projected streets of the city.
We are transcending the boundaries between dream and reality, god and human being, image and motion and are questionning our dualistic view of „reality“ in a very original manner.

Premiere: 6/2002, ACUD-Theater, Berlin

Concept, Choreography, Dance, Puppetmaking, Film-and Slideprojection: C.Goedeke & M.Hoffmann
Director: M.Hoffmann
Assistant Director:Y.Lorenz,
Photography/Light/Sound: E.Weinberger
Produced by Goedeke/Hoffmann


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